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Agric stakeholders counseled

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Agriculture and Livestock Minister, GIVEN LUBINDA has advised agricultural stakeholders against engaging in partisan politics that may be detrimental to the farming sector.

Mr LUBUNDA says it is unfortunate that some stakeholders rush to the media to critisize instead of engaging in dialogue with government and other stakeholders.

He noted that the agriculture sector faces numerous challenges that require the collaboration of all stakeholders.

The Minister said this in Lusaka today at the policy workshop for Farm Risk Management for Africa -FARMAF- organised by the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU).

Mr LUBINDA further said the government is doing everything possible to address climate change risk.

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AND ZNFU president, Dr EVELYN NGULEKA has appealed to government to consider developing innovative measures aimed at reducing the cost of borrowing.

And European Union, Head of Delegation to Zambia and COMESA, Ambassador GILLES HERVIO said risk management instruments being developed for farmers should be supported by a conducive policy framework if they are to be sustainable.


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