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Parliament opens second Radio



Parliament radio has officially commissioned its second radio studio.


The 500 thousand kwacha studio will enable the recording of post-production and off-air recording of programmes.


And Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Mkhondo Lungu says the commissioning of the new studio is a milestone in the parliamentary reform programme.


Mr. Lungu says the facility will also enhance interaction between members of the public and the National Assembly.


He has implored Members of Parliament to take advantage of the new studio to connect with their constituents by availing themselves for interviews.


Earlier, Irish ambassador Finbar O’brien said Irish Aid will continue supporting the parliamentary reform programme.


Mr. O’brien is optimistic that parliament radio will extend its coverage beyond the line of rail to reach more people.


And Mangrove Engineering Systems limited chairperson Frank Mushota, whose firm set up the studio , assured the public of quality studio  transmission.


Parliament radio was officially opened in March 2006 but has been facing the challenge of producing enough programmes to broadcast to the public due to lack of a recording studio.

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