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ZCF nods milling plants project


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The Zambia Corporative Federation -ZCF- says it is ready to oversee the setting up of milling plants in areas where the maize is being produced in the country.


ZCF Director General James Chirwa says this is because the initiative proposed by President Edgar Lungu is the only way of reducing the cost of mealie meal.


He has told ZNBC News in an interview that off loading of maize to millers by the Food Reserve Agency -FRA- is not an answer to reducing mealie meal prices in the country.


Mr. Chirwa says the recent off loading of maize to millers which has not seen any significant price reduction in mealie meal prices.


Mr. Chirwa adds that ZCF is working on the rural milling plant project where it will put up milling plants next to FRA depots to cut down on transport costs.


President Lungu has embarked on a project to set up milling pants in all the nine provinces which will be run by the ZCF.

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