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Kwacha to have new features


The Bank of Zambia will by the end of this year introduce banknotes with special marks to help the visually impaired persons to distinguish them.

The special marks will be in the form of slanting lines printed in intaglio or raised ink.

Each denomination will bear a certain number of lines with two Kwacha note having two lines while a five Kwacha note will have three lines.

The tenĀ  Kwacha note will have four lines with 20 Kwacha having six lines while 50 Kwacha will have six lines and the biggest denomination will seven lines.

Bank of Zambia Head of Public Relations Kanguya Mayondi has announced the development in an interview with ZNBC News at the on-going Zambia International Trade Fair in Ndola.

Mr. Mayondi says the bank has taken steps to meet the needs of the blind people by including tactile features that denote each denomination in the family of Zambian bank notes.

He says it is the duty of the Central Bank to ensure that no one is de-franchised in accessing the country’s currency.

Mr. Mayondi has also clarified the current notes will remain in circulation and will be trading hand in hand with the notes with special features.

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