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VEEP heads to Equatorial Guinea



Ministry of Health Director of Disease Surveillance, Control and Research Dr. Elizabeth Chizema says hosting the regional CDC Centre would provide Zambia, an opportunity to put in place sound early warning and disease surveillance systems.


Dr Chizema was speaking in an interview in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.


She said this on the sidelines of an African Union meeting on the Centre for Disease Control.


Dr Chizema said it had been agreed that Africa has a continental hub of the Centre for Disease Control as well as five regional centres.


She says Zambia is hopeful that countries in the Southern African region will support the countrys bid to host the regional hub.


The meeting on the CDC is being held ahead of the Africa Union conference on Ebola which will take place on July 20th and 21st.


And Vice President Inonge Wina is on Sunday expected in Equatorial Guinea for the Africa Union Summit on Ebola.


On Monday and Tuesday, the Vice President will attend the conference on Ebola which will be held at the Sipopo conference centre.


Several African Heads of states are expected in Malabo for the meeting.


Mrs. Wina is on Tuesday expected to address the gathering at which she is expected to give a statement on Zambias stance on the ebola virus.

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