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Fake Malaria drugs flood markets



The Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority -ZAMRA has revealed that Malaria drugs and antibiotics are the most faked drugs in the country.


The Authority has since cautioned citizens to ensure that they buy

these medicines from authorized outlets.


The Authority has noted that most patients who buy malaria and

antibiotics drugs from unauthorized pharmacies end up buying imitated drugs which endanger their health.


ZAMRA Quality Control Officer Julious Mulipe has lamented that

unscrupulous dealers have for a long time now taken advantage of

desperate patients by selling them bogus drugs.


He observed that it is common now to have patients whose malaria does not heal despite having taken anti malaria drugs because most of the drugs they buy are counterfeits.


ZANIS reports that Mr. Mulipe has revealed that his organization may not be able to detect and remove all the fake medicines on the Zambian market because of a limited monitoring mechanism.


And Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authority (PRA) Public Relations Officer Ludovic Mwape says there is need for people to be cautious when buying drugs.


Mr. Mwape has confirmed the prevalence of fake drugs on the Zambian market especially malaria and antibiotics.

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