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Congestion chocks Mungo prison






Congestion at Mongu central prison has worsened with 527 prisoners sharing 180 bed spaces.


This scenario has made the inmates to devise a rota system of sleeping on the available  thin mattresses after every hour.


ZANIS reports from Mongu District that Human Rights Commission, Commissioner Princes Mutumweno Yeta witnessed this when he toured the prison in Mongu.


Mrs. Yeta says the lack of bed space and beddings for prisoners is an infringement of the fundamental and human rights.


She noted that there is need for government to consider constructing an ultra modern prison in Mongu district in-order to deal with the issue of congestion as the district which is expanding at a fast rate.


Princess Yeta commended the Prison Administration for rehabilitating the kitchen at Mongu Central Prison which had sanitation concerns last year.


Meanwhile, Government  has advised the Rights Commission to help provide better detention and reformatory facilities in the province.


Western Province Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba says there was is need to invest in construction of staff houses for prison and police officers in the province.


Mr. Mwamba  said this when he   welcomed the Human Rights Commission team at his office in Mongu.


He has pointed out that there is need to relocate Mongu central prison which is within township area to a secluded location.

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