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Promote local language – Ngugi Wa Thiongo

Visiting Kenyan Professor of English Ngugi Wa Thiongo has appealed to African governments to come up with deliberate policies that will promote local languages.


Professor Wa Thiongo says there is a domination of European languages in the African society which has impacted negatively on the indigenous way of life.


He has observed that there is unequal power in the education sector, the judiciary and in administration where European languages are used for official business.

Professor Wa Thiongo was speaking in Lusaka Monday evening when he delivered a lecture entitled the “Language of Justice in Africa.”


Meanwhile, Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba says language has the potential to pull a country from poverty to development.


Mr. Kabimba has cited China and other countries in Asia who have used local languages and local technologies to develop their economies and even send astronauts to space.


The Minister revealed that he had been personally inspired and influenced by Professor Wa Thiongo’s writings especially the book entitled “Decolonising the Mind.”


Professor Wa Thiongo is in Zambia at the invitation of the Policy Monitoring and Research Center to give lectures on language and justice.


The Kenyan academic is a multi-award winning writer who has written various best selling books on politics and fiction.


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