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Maintain M.E.S- IMF tells Zambia



The International Monetary Fund-IMF   has advised Zambia to continue maintaining its Macro Economic stability.


IMF Resident Representative Tobias Rasmussen says promotion of macroeconomic stability irrespective of the current economic challenges the country is going through is important.


Mr. Rasmussen says promoting macroeconomic stability and consistent policies is key to attracting investor confidence in the economy.


He says macroeconomic stability in countries has helped in maintaining a stable exchange and interest rate.


Mr. Rasmussen was speaking on a panel of discussion on entrepreneurship co-hosted by the US Embassy and we create Zambia, an NGO supporting women entrepreneurs.


At the same function United States Ambassador to Zambia Eric Schultz called for an open conducive business environment if entrepreneurship is to succeed in Zambia.


And Economist Oliver Saasa said the creation of a conducive business environment should be tailored to suit different target groups.


And Deputy Minister at State House Mulenga Sata observed that Botswana has a bigger formal private sector than Zambia.

Earlier, former Vice President Guy Scott called on farmers to take advantage of the depreciated currency to export agriculture produce in order to bring in forex in the country

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