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One dies in Kafue riot



One person has died after residents of Kafue’s Zambia Compound rioted and burnt two Police Posts.


The residents also destroyed a fire tender worth 1.2 Million Kwacha.


The riots were sparked by an incident in which a Police officer hit into a female vendor with his motor Vehicle at a railway crossing point.


The unidentified man was hit by bullets as Police moved in to quell the riot.


The riots also resulted in over 20 Police remandees escape custody following the burning down of the Lumumba and Mutendere Police posts.


A doctor at Kafue District Hospital, Bulaya Bulaya, has confirmed to ZNBC news Delphister Lungu that the unidentified man died of bullet wounds.


Dr Bulaya also described as stable the condition of the female vendor, who was hit by the vehicle which was being driven by the Police officer, and is admitted to Kafue District hospital.


Meanwhile, Police Spokesperson, Chanda Munganga, has confirmed that 35 people have been arrested in connection with the riot.


Ms Munganga said the 35 people are detained at Kafue Police Station.


And Lusaka Province Minister, Obvious Mwaliteta, has described the riots as sad.


Mr Maliteta said people should not take the law into their hands each time they are aggrieved.

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