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MUZ advices Chibuluma Mine


File : Trucks at a Zambian Mine

The Mine workers Union of Zambia (MUZ) has urged management at Chibuluma Mines in Kalulushi on the Copperbelt to engage government over the operational challenges they are facing.


Chishimba Nkole


MUZ President aid if management at Chibuluma Mine want help from Government they must engage it seriously and state categorically the form of help they need rather than threatening to cut jobs.


This follows the company’s intentions to retrench about 200 miners this year due to operational challenges.


Mr. Nkole says the operational challenges facing Chibuluma mine are to do with obsolete equipment and not the power deficit or slump in commodity prices affecting other mining companies.


Mr. Nkole told ZNBC News that having low production levels due to obsolete equipment does not call for the retrenchment of workers adding that what the company needs is capital allowance.


He said the company has over the years failed to investment in modern mining technology thereby operating with old equipment which is now affecting production levels at the mining company.


Mr Nkole said the situation at Chibuluma is peculiar because the company wants to outsource labour which is different from what all mining companies facing operation challenges are doing.


He disclosed that the Union has engaged the mining company to avert the job losses.


Over 10,000 jobs have been lost in the mining industry in the just ended year due to a slump in commodity prices and the power deficit facing the country.

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