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Reports baseless-Kambwili


kambwili, lungu 2

Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili has described as baseless a statement circulating on social media purporting that he intends to run as President Edgar Lungu’s running mate in this year’s tripartite elections.
Mr Kambwili says the statement did not come from him because he enjoys
a cordial relationship with President Lungu and is not tribal contrary
to what is stated in the statement.
Mr. Kambwili has since apologized to the Tonga and lozi people over
the tribal remarks in the statement which has gone viral attributed to
He said no body will rule this country based on tribalism adding that
he respects all Zambians regardless of their political, tribal and
religious affiliations.
The minister who was flanked by the PF Copperbelt provincial
leadership was speaking at a press briefing held at his residency in
Mr. Kambwili says he has since opened a docket against all those
circulating the statement.
And Mr. Kambwili has appealed to the Zambian people not to vote for
the UPND in this year’s election because doing so will entail putting
the country on fire.
He alleged that the UPND does not mean well for Zambians and urged all
citizens to rally behind the leadership of President Edgar Lungu.
Meanwhile, Kambwili has commended all members of parliament who supported the enactment of the amended Constitution Bill.

President Lungu at a colorful ceremony on Tuesday assented to
the amended constitution bill.
And Mr. Kambwili says Government could not endorse the clause on the
creation of Provincial assembly’s in the amended constitution because
the Zambian economy has no capacity to support such a clause.
Mr. Kambwili told a media briefing in Luanshya that the creation of
the provincial assembly’s meant that 3000 more public workers were to
be introduced on the government pay roll at the expense of development.
He said those complaining over the non endorsement of this clause must
remember  that the size of the Zambian Economy cannot support such a
clause due to limited financial resources.
Mr Kambwili says Zambians are eager to see development across the
country to improve their standard of living hence the implementation
of such a close could hinder development.
Meanwhile the minister has challenged Kalumbila Mine in North western
province to be truthful over their intentions to retrench 730 workers.
Mr. Kambwili says the mine had requested ZESCO to construct a power
line from Lusaka to Kalumbila in a bid to boost production at the
mining firm.
Mr. Kambwili added that it is not possible for the Mine to retrench
workers over a power line that is currently under construction as
He advised the mining firm to dialogue with Government and ZESCO over
the speedy completion of the project.
Kalumbila Minerals limited has since summoned mine Unions to
consultative meeting following plans to retrench 730 workers at its
2.1 billion US dollars Trident Sentinel Copper mine in Solwezi North
Western province.


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