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Choma to have a university



Minister of Higher Education Michael Kaingu has instructed the provincial administration in Southern Province to find land for construction of a university in Choma.


Dr. Kaingu says Government is committed to ensuring that there is a university in all the provincial headquarters.


He says the university cannot be constructed in Livingstone despite land being available because Choma is the provincial headquarters.


Dr. Kaingu says there is need to cement the declaration of Choma as the new provincial headquarters by putting up infrastructure.


The Minister was speaking when he called on Southern Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Douglas Ng’imbu who represented the provincial Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu.


And Mr. Ng’imbu assured the Minister that they will look for land to enable the construction of the University in the province.


Mr. Ng’imbu says it has been the cry of the people in the province to have a university.

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