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LUNGU instructs imports of Maize



Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda says President Edgar Lungu has instructed key agencies to prepare for imports of maize incase stocks run out.


Mr. Chanda says the country has adequate stocks to last the country up to mid this year and imports from South America will only be made if the stocks run out.


He says this would be done at least three months before stocks run out.


Mr. Chanda has told the media in Lusaka that the Food Reserve Agency -FRA- has over 930 thousand metric tons of maize of which about 600 thousand metric tons has been given to contracted millers to offload cheap mealie meal.


Mr. Chanda has disclosed that the President has instructed the FRA to be buyer of first choice during the 2015-2016 marketing season unlike the case in the past.


He said government is committed to supporting the development of the agriculture sector as evidenced by the fast payment to farmers for maize supplied in the last farming season.


Mr. Chanda also revealed that government is also exploring ways with the Zambia National Farmers Union -ZNFU- of planting early maturity maize as an option.



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