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Orphans at Govt’s heart-WINA



Acting President Inonge Wina says the office of the vice president is looking at modalities of assisting vulnerable children who are kept in orphanages.

She said this is being done after it was realised that orphaned children also deserve a decent livelihood.

Mrs. Wina who is also vice President says uplifting the living standards of vulnerable children requires the co-operation from both government and private sector.

She said it is time Zambia took it upon herself to take care of the poor and not rely on external funding.

The acting President said this in Kabompo district after visiting Falconer orphanage.

And orphanage director Simon Samuntala thanked Mrs. Wina for visiting the home.

Mr. Samuntala said the orphanage has challenges of food, clothes and dilapidated infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the acting President says government will this year ensure that feeder roads leading to chief’s palaces are worked on.

She has said the government has already dispatched four Zambia National Service -ZNS- teams per province to work on feeder roads.

Ms Wina, who is Vice President, said this when SHE paid a courtesy call on Senior Chief Sikufele and Chief Kalunga of Kabompo district, Western province.


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