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ZCTU adds voice to constitution




Zambia Congress of Trade Unions -ZCTU- president Leonard Hikaumba has called on government to bridge the information gap in the constitution making process.


Mr. Hikaumba says the misunderstandings that have arisen in the constitution making process are as a result of lack of information on how far the constitution making process has gone.


Recently, President Sata said the country already had a functional Constitution in place and that the Government would not be pushed into fast and reckless conclusions on the new document by individuals with dubious agendas.


Meanwhile, Mr. Hikaumba says it is wrong for civil society organisations to receive funds from political parties as they risk being compromised.


He says civil society organisations were formed to perform specific functions that should be devoid of political inclination.


Mr. Hikaumba says receiving funding for any purpose from political parties may compromise the civil societies and if not checked may end up making their existence irrelevant.


He was speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka on Thursday.


On Wednesday, the Coalition of civil societies and political parties said there is no law in Zambia which bars opposition political parties from funding organizations with whom they are sharing same values.


Coalition spokesperson Pamela Chisanga however denied that no member of the coalition has been funded by the opposition in Zambia to cause confusion in the constitution making process.

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