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Anti-smuggling efforts stepped up



Government has intensified security on routes along the border with Malawi and Mozambique in an effort to curb smuggling of maize and mealie meal.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo has told ZANIS in an interview in Chipata that the task force which was formed to curb the smuggling of maize will secure the routes.

Mr Kasolo said the Provincial administration has also engaged the Zambia National Service -ZNS- to enhance patrols and bring anyone found smuggling maize or mealie meal to book.

He observed that the smuggling of the commodity has reached alarming levels adding that some smugglers are using bicycles to carry the mealie meal across the borders.

And the Food Reserve Agency -FRA- says it will start working with state security agents on highways to capture maize and mealie meal from smugglers.

FRA Chief Executive Officer, Chola Kafwabulula says that the country is food secure and that the high prices of mealie meal in some parts of the country is due to panic buying.

Mr. Kafwabulula also urged the public to stop assuming that FRA is exporting maize whenever they see a truck loaded with maize.

Meanwhile some PF members who visited the FRA sheds are satisfied that the country has enough maize in stock to last up to the next harvesting period.

Group chairperson, Sam Phiri urged the public not panic as the country has enough maize.


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