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Zambia can’t handle Ebola-WHO



World Health Organisation- WHO says Zambia is not ready to handle the deadly Ebola disease in an event that it broke out.


Infectious Disease Expert specializing in Virology at WHO Africa Regional Office in Congo Brazzaville Francis Kasolo there is little or no information being disseminated to sensitize the Country on Ebola.


He says people are entering the Country through airports, borders and water bodies without screening them or getting any information on the virus.


The medical expert was speaking at a discussion in Lusaka hosted by the Press Freedom Committee of the Post Newspaper.


Dr. Kasolo has urged the Country to come up with Comprehensive Response Plan for deadly disease like Ebola or any other dangerous disease.


He also says the Country should put in place proper isolation facilities as certain diseases like Ebola are highly contagious.


Dr. Kasolo has since welcomed investments being made across the Country in the health sector.


He says 8 hundred people have been hospitalized while 5 hundred people have lost their lives in West Africa because of EBOLA from the time it was reported in March this year.


DR. Kasolo says WHO is working hard to stop some African cultures such as touching the dead before burial as it leads to the spread of Ebola.


He has urged Government to build strong early warning surveillance systems adding that the media should play a key role in disseminating information to communities to be on alert.


Dr. Kasolo says Ebola is reported to be mainly translated through bats and monkeys but that a key host has not yet been identified.


The deadly virus which sees critical fever and bleeding was named Ebola after it was discovered along Ebola river in Yanguku District, Northern Congo DR, in the then Zaire.


And Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo who contributed to the discussion has admitted that his Province is not ready to handle Ebola.


He says he will role out a comprehensive programme to sensitize people in his area on any symptoms of Ebola even thought it has not affected Zambia.

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