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1000 jobs to be created in Siavonga



Government says more than 1-thousand jobs are expected to be created from the aquaculture projects in Siavonga District of Southern province.


Siavonga District Commissioner Brave Mweetwa says so far two large scale fish farming companies have set up investment in the district which will offer employment creation opportunities for the local people.


Mr. Mweetwa says the Kariba Hervestors who recently moved from Zimbabwe are operating in the Kajojo Fishing and have plans to employ more than 700 employees once fully operational.


He has disclosed that another firm known as Yalelo fishing company working in Kamimbi area has already employed 2-hundred and 50 workers and is expected to engage a total of 4-hundred in due course.


Mr. Mweetwa has told ZNBC news that government is working to enhance economic development in the area away from agriculture given that Siavonga does not receive much rainfall hence working on the fish farming and tourism projects that can thrive once nurtured.


And all the workers at Collum  coal  mine in Sinazongwe have  been    taken on  by  ZCCM IH , the  caretaker  company for the mine.


ZCCM IH investor  relations  officer  Joseph Lungu  says all the  6- hundred  workers at Collum coal mine  are upto date  with  their salaries.


He was speaking in an interview with ZNBC news at the ongoing Copperbelt mining and agriculture show in Kitwe.


Meanwhile, Mr LUNGU says the development of thermal power plant at the Maamba collieries is on course.


He says once completed the power plant will add 3-hundred megawatts of electricity to the national grid.


ZCC- IH has invested 42- million US dollars into Maamba collieries and owns 35 percent shares in the coal mine.



ZCOM IH which is an  investments  holding  company  where  government holds  87.6 percent  shares  has  also invested  1-hundred and 20- million US dollars in  he new Lubambe copper  mine in Chililabombwe.


The company also runs Ndola lime and has shares in the various n mining and companies.




Meanwhile, Government says a contractor for the construction of Itezhi-Tezhi road is expected to be selected within the next 3 months.


Area Member of Parliament Greyford Monde says the road works will begin this year and so far the tendering procedures have commenced.


In an interview with ZNBC news, Mr. Monde says tenders will close this Friday 7th June 2013 after which a contractor will be picked for the commencement of road works in the earliest possible time.


Mr. Monde says by last week, more than 40 companies had expressed interest to work on the road which links Itezhi-tezhi


He says the Itezhi-tezhi road which was initially in phase 2 of the link 8000 project scheduled for 2014 has been brought forward to 2013 because government has prioritized the road and is aware of the economic value will bring for the people.

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