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There is no crisis-Bishop Banda


Catholic Diocese of Ndola Bishop Alick Banda says there is no crisis in the country contrary to what is being portrayed by some sections of society.


Bishop Banda has further challenged political leaders in the country to focus and concentrate on building the nation instead of politicking.


He says elections are over adding that political leaders should as such respect the outcomes of the courts regarding the August 11, 2016 polls.


Bishop Banda says there are a lot of people especially those in the rural areas who need development in areas of health and education among others.


He has advised those that feel aggrieved with the outcome of the 2016 general elections to be the first to seek reconciliation.


Bishop Banda has told ZNBC News in an interview in Ndola that the church is ready to help political leaders seeking reconciliation.


He stated that there is a leadership in the country that needs to be appreciated and respected by everyone.