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HH urges Zambians to move forward together

United Party for National Development – UPND president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA is appealing to the nation to move forward together in harmony, respect and common brotherly spirit toward the presidential election.

Mr. HICHILEMA says there is need to build on the foundation that past leaders and generations have built.

He says there is need to continue with the infrastructure development but at an accelerated pace because infrastructure is the conduit for economic development.

The UPND leader further says individual Zambians can help the country move forward firstly by participating in the upcoming election.

He says this is not time to be driven by sectoral and partisan interests but the common good.

Mr. HICHILEMA says those that are putting themselves forward in this election must be looked at critically by voters.UPND CROWDS MONZE

The UPND leader says their abilities to deliver and capacity to hold the office of presidency must be evaluated.

He says this is because the man or woman who the people of Zambia will choose shall become the custodian of the hopes and aspirations of thirteen million Zambians for the next two years.

Mr. HICHILEMA says it must be borne in mind that his or her decisions will affect the lives of all Zambians for many years to come.

Mr. HICHILEMA also says there is no better moment than this to realize the importance of a people driven constitution.

The UPND leader says this is because if the constitution allowed for a running mate, the expense of a Presidential by-election would have been avoided.

Meanwhile Mr. HICHILEMA has since called on political parties adhere to the rules stipulated in their constitutions in choosing their candidates for the upcoming elections.

He says this is the only way to avoid anarchy.

And Mr HICHILEMA says ZAMBIANS should take pride in the way ,they came together to mourn President SATA.

He said during the mourning period ZAMBIANS held onto the country’s culture and the peaceful environment.

The impending Presidential elections have been necessitated by the death of President MICHEAL SATA who was buried yesterday at LUSAKA’s Presidential Burial Site, Embassy Park.

This is contained in a statement released to ZNBC news by Mr. HICHILEMA.

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