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Muhabi remains expelled from MMD- Judge Chali

Former Movement for Multi-party Democracy National Secretary MUHABI LUNGU has lost his legal battle to counter his expulsion from the party.

LUSAKA High Court Judge -in Charge ISAAC CHALI has ruled that Mr LUNGU’s application for an injunction to restrain his expulsion from the MMD has been overtaken by events.

This is in a matter where Mr LUNGU sought court intervention to restrain MMD President NEVERS MUMBA from expelling him from the party.

Mr LUNGU contended that under the MMD constitution Dr MUMBA has no powers to expel or suspend a party member.

He contended that the action by Dr MUMBA to expel him consequently violated the MMD constitution.

Mr LUNGU also sought a court order to be re-instated as MMD National Secretary.

He further sought a court order to stop MMD National Secretary MWANSA MBULAKULIMA and MMD Deputy National Secretary, WINNIE ZALOUMIS from acting in their positions.

Mr LUNGU further contended that he should be granted an injunction as Dr MUMBA would issue instructions for an extra-ordinary MMD National Executive Committee-NEC meeting on JANUARY 31, 2015 to change the composition of NEC members.

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