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Octavian to create 1000 jobs

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A renowned British security company – Octavian Security has launched its operations in Zambia and will create about 1 thousand Jobs within the first two years.

Founder and Chief executive officer of Octavian Security Sukhi Ghuman says his company has decided to invest in Zambia because of the conducive economic environment.

Mr. Ghuman has pledged to pay his security workers above the government recommended minimum wage and hopes to support and raise the standards within Zambia’s private security sector.

He has further stated that he is investing 1 million dollars this year to set up the security firm with 3 hundred workers to be recruited and given specialized tailor made security training depending on the client’s needs.

Mr. Ghuman said this to ZNBC news in Lusaka shortly after announcing the launch of the company at the British High Commissioner’s residence.

And British High Commissioner to Zambia James Thornton says there is increased interest by British companies to do business in Zambia.

The British company recently opened its offices in South Africa and Zambia is the second country on the African continent to have Octavian security footprint.

The firm will be run by Zambians and will be operational in Lusaka and mining towns.

And An entrepreneurship consultant Mervin Mwansa has hailed President Edgar Lungu for directing the Ministries of Home Affairs and Labour to issue work permits to foreign nationals with skills not locally available.

Mr. Mwansa says the directive is a testimony of government’s commitment to boost the country’s economy.

He says small skills entrepreneurs have the potential to contribute to national development if proper policies are put in place to create a conducive environment for their business.

And some Small skills entrepreneurs in Lusaka have appealed to government to consider empowering them with adequate land and equipment in order to allow them to employ and impart their skills in others.

Recently, president Lungu directed the Ministries of Home Affairs and L
bour to issue work permits to foreign nationals with skills not locally available.

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