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19 new cholera cases reported



Nineteen new cholera cases have been recorded in Lusaka while 41 patients are currently under admission.


Ten cases have been recorded in Chipata compound while 6 cases have been recorded in Kanyama and 3 in Matero.


Ministry of Health Head of Communications and External Relations Stanslous Ngosa says the cumulative number of cholera cases has since increased to 263 from the last time the disease broke out in Lusaka.


Mr. Ngosa says cumulative cases are Chipata compound with 129 and Bauleni with 113.


He says members of the public must adhere to hygiene practices to avoid further spread of cholera.


Mr. Ngosa says the ministry has continued to provide chlorine and decontaminate pit latrines and working with stakeholders in improving access to clean and safe drinking water.


He said this in a statement issued to ZNBC news in Lusaka.

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