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5 armed DRC commandants stop



Security agencies in Luapula Province are holding five armed combatants who have entered Zambia from neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC- following skirmishes in that country.


Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa has told ZNBC News that the five combatants are among hundreds of refugees who entered Zambia through Chienge three days ago.


Mr Chilangwa said some of the combatants who are from one of the main rebel groups in the DRC have since been disarmed and taken for screening.


And Mr Chilangwa has warned residents of Luapula Province not to keep suspicious persons escaping fighting in their homelands.


The Luapula Province Minister said Zambian security agencies in the region are closely monitoring the happenings in the DRC and has assured residents that security agencies are on top of things.


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