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Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda says President Lungu will revoke article 31 at the right time.


Mr. Chanda says Zambians can play with any other things but not national security.


He has told Journalists that he is aware of some civil society organisations that want to get money from donors and should notdo so by trivializing issues of security.


Mr. Chanda has challenged civil society leaders to point at any person who was arrested as a result of the invocation of article 31.


He says Zambians have not complained about measures that have curbed acts of arson, wondering who the civil society is speaking on behalf.


Mr. Chanda maintains that the invocation of article 31  is well intended and  has so far produced results because some people who were involved in acts of arson have been arrested and  will soon be presented before the courts of law.







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