Invest in value addition-Govt

  Government has called on the private sector to take advantage of the existing conducive agricultural policies to invest in value addition so as to grow the sector.   Minister of Agriculture Dora Siliya says the private sector needs to move along with government in ensuring that policies outlined in the Seventh National

Expedites payments to farmers-Sichone

      Muchinga Province Minister Malozo Sichone has directed Chinsali District Commissioner Maximo Chitambi and Chinsali Mayor Thomas Mutale to ensure Atlasmara Bank expedites payments to farmers who sold their maize to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).   Featuring on Muchinga FM Radio programme, Mr. Sichone said he cannot understand why farmers receiving money

30 tons of cashew nuts delivered

    The 30 tons of cashew seed ordered from the Republic of Tanzania by Government has been delivered in the country.   Witnessing the arrival of the seed at Simulumbe Research Centre in Mongu today, Acting Agricultural Research Officer, Mukela Luyambo said it is gratifying the seed that was being awaited has finally

Army worms invade maize field

    Army worms have invaded some maize fields in Chipata and Lundazi districts - Eastern province.   Some farmers in Chipangali constituency in Chipata and in Chikomeni area in Lundazi, have reported spotting army worms in their fields.   Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo has confirmed in an interview with ZANIS in Chipata.   Mr. Kasolo

Govt backed over revamping cotton sector

    The Zambia Development Agency -ZDA- says government's decisions to revamp the cotton sector has potential to contribute to the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).   ZDA Director of Enterprise Development Mukula Makasa says the move has delighted cotton growers.   Mr Makasa says most farmers are happy that government is promoting and supporting value

Defiant fishermen risk arrest

    Chief Nsama of the Bwile people in Nsama District has warned fishermen abrogating the fish ban that they risk being prosecuted.   He says government policy to implement the fish ban is critical for preserving the fish stocks in the area.   The traditional leader has commended government for deploying marine commandos to patrol

Public workers cautioned over E-voucher cards

        Government has cautioned Public Service Workers against acquiring E-voucher Cards.   Milenge District Agricultural Coordinator Arnold Muimui says it is unacceptable that some public service workers in the district are appearing in the Milenge E-voucher data base.   Mr. Muimui has since urged staff that are appearing in the E-Voucher System not to pay

Small-scale farmers secure loan

    National Union for Small Scale Farmers -Director General Frank Kayula says the union has secured a Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand kwacha loan from Entrepreneur's Financial Center Zambia for small scale farmers.   Dr. Kayula says the loan will help enhance productivity among small scale farmers.   He says small scale farmers of Chibombo

Amendment to diversify FRA mandate

      Lusaka Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Josphet Lombe says the review of the Food Reserve Agency Act will help to commercialise operations of FRA. Mr. Lombe was speaking in Chongwe during a provincial consultative meeting on the revision of the FRA Act.   He said the amendment of the current Act will enable FRA

Fish ban violators risk prosecution

      Minister of Livestock and Fisheries Michael Katambo has warned of stern action against people violating the annual fish ban which takes effect on December 1ST.   Mr. Katambo says violating the three-month fish ban is a prosecutable offence.   He says fishermen and fish traders should heed the ban which is meant to allow