Minister of livestock and fisheries KAMPAMBA MULENGA says the ban on the movement of Cattle in Chisamba and Chibombo Districts will be lifted on 5th July 2018.

Ms MULENGA says this is because the outbreak of the foot and mouth disease which was caused by cattle from the northern part of the country has been contained.

She said this when she delivered a ministerial statement to parliament on the outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Chisamba and Chibombo districts.

The Minister of livestock and fisheries said so far ten million kwacha has been spent on vaccination meant to curb the disease and prevent further spread.

Ms. MULENGA informed parliament that thirty-one thousand five hundred cattle that were at risk have been vaccinated while sixty-one thousand cattle have been covered under the booster vaccination.

And Ms MULENGA said it is not safe for people to eat animals with the foot and mouth disease saying officers from her ministry are on the ground to sensitise farmers against consumption and sale of the animals that are diseased.

She said this in response to questions raised by members of parliament who wanted to know what measures government is putting in place to ensure farmers do not sale or eat infected animals.


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