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ECL preaches development


President Edgar Lungu says the country can only develop if Zambians put their political, tribal and religious differences aside.


Speaking when he graced this year’s Umutomboko traditional ceremony of the Lunda people of Luapula province, President Lungu said the country can Not develop if Zambains put their personal interests ahead of those of the nation.


He said the recently launched Seventh National Development Plan is a national project that has the potential to deliver development to the nation.


And President Lungu says those who voted for him in last year’s general election must not feel offended when he initiates development projects in areas where he received few votes.


He said this is because Zambia is one nation.


The Head of State reiterated his stance to ensure all regions in the country receive a fair share of development.


President Lungu also urged traditional leaders to resolve succession disputes peacefully whenever a chief dies.


And Mwata Kazembe expressed gratitude to President Lungu for delivering development to all parts of the country.


Speaking through his representative Misheck Kaoma, Mwata Kazembe said his area has not been left out of the President’s development agenda.

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