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Humanitarian crisis looming-LUNGU


President Edgar Lungu has called for urgent attention from the international community and humanitarian actors over the increasing number of asylum seekers fleeing into Zambia from Democratic Republic of Congo- DRC.


President Lungu is concerned that the situation might degenerate into a humanitarian crisis if Zambia is left to handle the situation alone at Kenani transit refugee centre in Nchelenge district.


The Head of State says the number of refugees which is now over 6 thousand is likely to hit 10 Thousand by the end of the year because the conflict in the DRC has worsened.


Speaking after touring Kenani refugee camp, President Lungu however assured the refugees that Zambia will remain committed to providing security and other needs at the camp.

And United Nation Resident Coordinator Janet Rogan said Zambians should NOT take for granted the peace they have enjoyed but preserve it for the betterment of the country.


Ms. Rogan adds that the situation at Kenani refugee camp calls for support from the international community and other stakeholders because Zambia alone can not manage to address the situation.


Meanwhile, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees country representative Pierrine Aylara also backed calls for the International community and Humanitarian actors to support Zambia handle the situation at Kenani transit refugee centre.


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