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The Independent Broadcasting Authority- IBA- has called on television and radio stations to uphold high levels of professionalism during the Cholera Outbreak.

IBA is concerned that some Radio Disc Jockeys and Announcers are making inappropriate and teasing comments regarding the cholera outbreak in the country.

IBA Director General Josephine Mapoma says the Authority is disturbed that radio and television personalities can choose to trivialize and make fun of such a serious national issue which has significant negative impact on society.

Ms. Mapoma has told ZNBC news in a statement that the broadcast stations have a critical role to play in disease control by providing important information to the public and in turn help promote positive healthy behavioral practices.

She says this will in turn reduce the probability of contracting or spreading the disease.

Ms. Mapoma has called for empathy in the coverage and also support of all efforts made by the national task force and others to combat the disease outbreak in the country.


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