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LUNGU appoints ministers

President Edgar Lungu has appointed and sworn in Kwacha Member of Parliament Joe Malanji and Nkana MP Alexander Chiteme as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of National Development Planning respectively.

And President Lungu has urged the newly appointed ministers to be humble and serve the people who elected them into office.

Mr. Lungu said leaders are the servants of the people and should show humility and not be proud.

He told the two new ministers that they were chosen after a long and careful process from among other equally competent PF members.

The head of state said he settled on the two because as leader he had his own reasons for picking them.

And President Lungu has reminded PF members who do not want to serve under him as party and republican Presidential to leave the party.

He said the PF remains the party of first choice among Zambians.

President Lungu said PF has continued to grow over the years and if the party works even harder, the 2021 general election will be a walk over.

Mr. Malanji replaces Bahati MP Harry Kalaba who resigned as Minister of foreign Affairs while Mr Chiteme takes over from Lucky Mulusa who was fired as Minister of National Development Planning.

President Lungu, Vice President Inonge Wana and Cabinet Ministers are currently in a meeting at State House.

And Mr Malanji has assured Zambians that he will rise to the occasion and deliver as the country’s top diplomat.

In thanking President Edgar Lungu for his appointment, Mr Malanji said Zambia has a good track record in diplomatic circles which must be upheld.

He said he will endeavor to build on the high profile of the country which has been projected by President Lungu in view of the numerous visits to the country by foreign heads of state.

And Minister of National Development and Planning Alexander Chiteme said he is grateful to President Lungu for according him a chance to serve in his cabinet.

Mr. Chiteme said he is looking forward to enhancing the implementation of the Seventh National Development Plan.

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