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Mwakalombe praises ZNBC



Lusaka Province Minister Japhet Mwakalombe says ZNBC News has played a critical role in upholding democratic values in the country.


Mr. Mwakalombe says Zambia has gone through political transformation and that ZNBC has done well in projecting the country’s national character to the outside world.


The Minister also says the media house is the only platform government has, to explain the many economical activities being undertaken.


He said this when he toured ZNBC studios to appreciate the operations of the national broadcaster in relation with the digital migration.


And ZNBC Director General Richard Mwanza has appealed to Zambians along the railway line to buy Top Star decoders to avoid being blacked out by 1st October 2017.


Mr. Mwanza explained that ZNBC is ready to switch from analogue to digital transmission and that those without the decoders will NOT be able to access any transmission.


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