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Public workers cautioned over E-voucher cards





Government has cautioned Public Service Workers against acquiring E-voucher Cards.


Milenge District Agricultural Coordinator Arnold Muimui says it is unacceptable that some public service workers in the district are appearing in the Milenge E-voucher data base.


Mr. Muimui has since urged staff that are appearing in the E-Voucher System not to pay the required 400 Kwacha for card activation.


He says the program is for vulnerable small-scale farmers who cannot afford to buy inputs at market value.


ZANIS reports that District Agricultural Coordinator said this when he gave an update on the Farmers Input Support Program during a meeting for the public service workers at Milenge District Council Hall.


Mr. muimui said people should remember that the National Registration Card details in the E-Voucher system are the same as those at Payroll Management and Establishment Control PMEC.

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