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All inquiries regarding Airtime Sales are coordinated and processed by the ZNBC Marketing and Sales Department.

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Alternatively, download the advertising rates document at the following link… ZNBC Advertising Rates.

ZNBC Advertising Rates


TV Channels
Radio Channels


Q. In what formats should Television and Radio Commercials be delivered?

A. All commercial spots to air on ZNBC TV and Radio Channels must be supplied in MINI DV CAM, DVD, CD and electronically through Email Formats.

Q.Does ZNBC engage in Long Term Advertising Contracts?

A. ZNBC is ready and willing to engage with clients regarding long term advertising contracts ranging from six months to one year.

Q. Are Advertising Agencies Welcome to work with ZNBC?

A. ZNBC Offers business advertising opportunities to advertising agencies who can apply for engagement and represent ZNBC locally and internationally. Details of the terms and conditions of engagement can be collected from the Marketing and Sales Department.

Q. Are the above rates applicable even for special events?

A. Special rates will apply for special events including seasonal promotions, Trade shows, and Sports events.

Q. Does ZNBC offer other Opportunities to Prospecting Clients?

A. Other opportunities are available in terms of supplying international and programme content to ZNBC. More details can be collected from the ZNBC Commissioning office.

Q. Does ZNBC offer Discounts, Make Goods and Added Services?


  • Discounts: Requests for discounts must be made formally to the office of Director of Marketing and Sales.
  • Make Goods: ZNBC will unreservedly render make Goods for Commercial Programmes and advertisements either on Television or radio in case of failure on the part of ZNBC to air the said commercial programme or advertisement.

Q.Does ZNBC provide advertising services for fixed spot Commercials?

A. ZNBC is ready and willing to negotiate with clients preferring to have their commercial spots on television broadcast at a fixed time

Q. Any in house Commercial Production Services?

A. ZNBC Operates a fully-fledged commercial studio to produce selected television programme formats, Television adverts and radio adverts.

Q. Is Live Outside Broadcasting Service Available for booking?

A. For commercial outside broadcasts productions on either Television or Radio clients will be required to formally make such a request addressed to the Director of Marketing and Sales.

Q. Are these the only Commercial Services available?

A. Absolutely not/ ZNBC offers additional services. These are:

Translations; ZNBC offers commercial translations services on both small and medium scale by translating the English script or message from English into all the 7 local languages.

 Dubbing; ZNBC offers dubbing services at a low cost of ZNBC produced television content i.e. news, programmes. Individuals or organizations can make formal request for such content and a DVD copy will be produced within 48 hours.

Q. Where should Partnership Applications for Value Added Contracts be addressed to?

A. Partnerships for value based programme content production should be officially be addressed to Director of Marketing.

Q. How do I lodge in a complaint for any grievance?

A. Complaints on unsatisfactory service can be made through:

  1. Telephone calls;
  2. Official complaint letter addressed to the Director General or the Director of Marketing and Sales;
  3. Email.
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