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Ministry of Agriculture Permanent Secretary Julius Shawa has urged millers to purchase enough maize stocks to sustain the production of affordable mealie meal.

Mr. Shawa says millers should secure adequate maize to avoid shortages of mealie meal.

He has emphasised that the Food Reserve Agency -FRA- will not offload any maize stocks to millers hence the need for them to buy the commodity in bulk.

The Permanent Secretary has also implored grain traders and other private maize buyers to actively participate in the buying of maize across the country.

Mr Shawa added that the FRA will only buy 500 thousand metric tonnes of maize for the country’s strategic reserves.

He has since appealed to the private sector to offer good prices to small-scale farmers.

Meanwhile, the Zambia Co-operatives Federation has urged farmers to start selling their maize as co-operatives and not individually.

ZCF Director General James Chirwa says this is the only way that farmers will enhance their bargaining power when it comes to selling their produce.

Mr. Chirwa said this when he featured on ZNBC’s National watch program.

Speaking on the same program, Millers Association of Zambia president Andrew Chintala said there is no need to intervene on the current price of maize.

Mr. Chintala said like in any other business the law of demand and supply should be allowed to determine the price of Maize on the market.

He said it is the nurture of business for prices of goods and service to be high and low depending on what is obtaining on the market.



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