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Solwezi river encroached



Government is concerned with the encroachment of the Solwezi river in Northwestern province.


ZNBC’s Patricia Banda reports that Ministry of Water Development Permanent Secretary Eddie Chomba says farming activities and construction of infrastructure less than 50 kilometers from the river must not be allowed.


Bishop Chomba has since asked the local authority in the area to work with North western water and sewerage company before giving out plots to people in the area.


He told ZNBC news in an interview that the activities that are going on by the river are contaminating water.


Bishop Chomba is in the province to check on water facilities and has so far been to various water reservoirs in Solwezi and Mufumbwe Districts and has also checked water facilities in Zambezi district where the Likumbi Lyamize ceremony of the Luvale people

is taking place.


And North-Western Water Supply and Sewerage Company Limited Managing Director Arnott Chilwesa said encroachment poses a challenge because the company is expected to spend a lot of money to buy chemicals for purifying water.


Mr. Chilwesa explained that apart from farming activities, there is mining effluent-in the water.


Earlier, Mr. Chilwesa explained to Bishop Chomba that the utility company is owed about 14.2 million Kwacha in water bills by Some government institutions among them schools.


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