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Swine Fever breaks out in Mwense




African Swine Fever has reportedly broken out in Mwense District in Luapula Province.


According to a report obtained by NAIS from Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, at least 20 pigs have died from the disease.


Acting District Veterinary Officer Davies Mubita has  told NAIS that the disease was first detected on 23rd October 2017 in Mubende Camp.


Mr. Mubita said according to preliminary investigations, the infection could have been caused by the transfer of animals from other areas.


He disclosed that during investigations, it was discovered that one farmer brought in a pig in the same month from Lubwe Samfya district which has been confirmed African Swine Fever disease outbreak.


Mr. Mubita said some of the symptoms observed from the infected animals are; constipation, difficult in walking and feeding, dull, breathing fast and sudden death.


He said the samples have not yet been taken for laboratory testing in Lusaka to ascertain the actual disease.



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