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There is light at the end of the tunnel- Chikwanda



The Patriotic Front -PF- says the national transformative agenda it has pursued since coming into power has placed the country on the path to economic transformation.


PF Chairperson for Finance Alexander Chikwanda however says Zambia still has a lot to do because of the huge backlog left by previous governments.


Mr. Chikwanda says the public sector has a lot to do in stimulating conditions for economic growth and ensuring security of lives and properties.


He says this is why the PF Government through the Central Bank is helping the Private sector by ensuring that Bank interest rates are affordable.


And Mr. Chikwanda says the PF has acquitted itself well in its political mandate to maintain a united nation.


He says as for internal politics the Party remains resolute to remain united even though some members leave on their own accord or are shown the door.


The former Minister of Finance said people who run campaigns in malice against the party will fail the litmus test in the courts of public opinion.


He was speaking in Lusaka this morning during the PF interactive Forum.


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