Minister of Tourism and Arts Charles Banda has encouraged Zambians to write books about the country’s cultural heritage to preserve history.

Mr. Banda says Zambian writers rarely write about the country’s heritage, hence foreigners who do not have facts end up misrepresenting the country.

He says it is important that the country’s writers interpret Zambia’s rich history.

The Minister was speaking at the launch of three historic books in Lusaka last Evening.

The books include ‘The Pre-history of the 73 plus Bantu Language Groups of Zambia, 3-hundred Before Christ and after the death of Christ – AD1600, Zambia’s Outstanding Natural Cultural Historical Sites, and the Barotse in Maps’ written by Nicholas Katenekwa

Mr. Banda said the books will bring out positive lessons and attributes about the people of Zambia and the country as a whole.

And writer, Nicholas Katenekwa said he wrote about Zambia’s outstanding sites primarily to make Zambians aware of the rich heritage legacy and hand it to the next generation.


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