ZNBC Management says it is not true that the company has merged with Star Times.

ZNBC Board Chairman Mulenga Kampwepwe says ZNBC is hundred percent owned by the Citizens and cannot be sold or taken over without the approval of Parliament.

She says the relationship between ZNBC and start Times was in relations to the formation of the Joint venture company called Top Star.

Ms. Kapwepwe says the two companies have retained their full operational and ownership autonomy.

She says the statement from CCPC must therefore be taken in the context of ZNBC and Star Times coming together to create Top star Communication Company Limited.

Ms. Kapwepwe says this relationship will not in any way affect the shareholding of ZNBC and Star Times as both parties remain Independent.

She says it must be noted that the law allows ZNBC to enter into agreement and partnerships as regard to its operations.

This is contained in a statement made available to ZNBC News.


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