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ZNBC proposed amendment, progressive-D.G




ZNBC Director General Richard Mwanza says the proposal to amend the ZNBC Act and move the collection of television levy to the Independent Broadcasting Authority – IBA- is progressive.


Mr. Mwanza has justified that the current model of collecting the television levy has a number of inadequacies.


He has told the Parliamentary Committee on Media, Information Communication and Technology chaired by Nalolo Member of Parliament, George Imbuwa that the mandate of ZNBC is to broadcast and not collect television levy.


Mr. Mwanza also said that IBA is better placed to take punitive action for failure to comply with paying TV levy.


And Mufulira Member of Parliament, Evans Chibanda wondered whether ZNBC is comfortable with the corporation giving up its role in collecting the TV levy.


But Mwanza said the television levy collection system could be subjected to a research and modified if it proves to be inefficient in future.

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